The Atlantic,  "The False Promise of Meritocracy"

Slate, "Why Pretending You Don't See Race and Gender is an Obstacle to Equality"

The New York Times profiles the company I collaborated with for my dissertation

Inequality in the United States: Understanding Inequality with Data.” This is a co-curated award winning teaching tool. It is a slideshow of a broad set of facts and figures on inequality of all types compiled by social scientists from universities across the United States.  It is free to download, meant for non-academics and is generously hosted by Stanford University’s Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality. 
        Awarded the 2013 American Sociological Association's Robert Dentler Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Achievement.

I also write for Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research translating academic research into accessible and engaging stories for non-expert audiences:
Purchasing the Personal: living and loving in a commodified world
Survival of the Flexist: the evolution of work and why workplaces need to adapt
Shadow Mothers: Why the first shift still matters
Gender News Influential Voices: Mari Baker